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About Rejuv

Rejuv is a patented, and FDA approved device that can be used in a variety of ways. It offers a consistent movement that can allow you to give yourself a reflexology massage on your hands and feet. It promotes blood flow, and can increase the transfer of nutrients to your skin. Consistent use has been proven to reduce muscle soreness and improve the look of wrinkles and cellulite.


How to

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What can rejuv do?

Learn how to use your Rejuv effectively. It is important to note that in order to see improvements in the health of your skin, a consistent regimen along with some lifestyle changes, such as an increased water intake must be implemented.

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Use the Rejuv with light pressure over areas where you desire to see tighter skin for a few minutes at a time.


Use the Rejuv on the insides of your hands and soles of your feet for a few minutes each. Apply a comfortable amount of pressure. Reflexology is an alternative medicine also known as zone therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points (also known as knots) are caused by injury, over use, poor posture etc. Target the knots on your body, use on and around the area for a minute or two, with moderate pressure. Consistent use will loosen up the muscles that are causing issues.

Facial massage

Cleanse your face and hands to ensure no oils and bacteria will enter your pores. Rub in a moisturizer and after use light pressure on your cheeks, neck and around your mouth for a few minutes. Do not use on bony areas, cheekbone, nose forehead etc. Consistent use will result in tighter, healthier and younger looking skin.


Rejuv was designed to do the work for you, hold it on and around your troubled areas for a few minutes at a time while applying light pressure. You can slowly move the massager around while targeting the areas you wish to improve.


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